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            International Construction Co., Ltd. is engaged in building energy efficiency design, consulting and mechanical and electrical engineering contractor of the professional company. The company has a national mechanical and electrical general contracting a qualification, a building intelligent qualification and construction mechanical and electrical system design Class A qualification, is the first batch of state-level record of energy-saving service companies, state-level high-tech enterprises. Companies adhering to the "focus, the ultimate, word of mouth, model" business philosophy, is committed to providing customers with energy saving, comfortable and healthy building systems for customers to enhance the value of the project.


            The company participated in the national research project "to reduce the large public building air conditioning system energy consumption key technology research and demonstration" won the China Construction Science and Technology Award first prize; access to 13 national construction quality highest award - Luban Award; Building heating ventilation and air conditioning design specifications "," ground source heat pump system engineering and technical specifications "," cold storage air conditioning engineering technical regulations "," near zero energy building technology standards "and so on more than 10 national standards.


            The company has pioneered the introduction of capillary dry end products from Germany. Over the years, it has been dedicated to the application of capillary air conditioning. It has the world's leading energy storage and heat pump technology, intelligent building weak system integration technology and capillary temperature and humidity independent air conditioning technology. With the capillary radiation system, fresh air purification system, intelligent control system on three sides perfect combination of the high-Bekaa indoor comfort climate system, continuous and stable to provide users with appropriate temperature, Shu wet, fresh oxygen, clean, quiet, intelligent green energy Building environment.


           The company is Germany's cover Fujia energy systems company, Germany UBEG company, the British Hurley Electrical and Mechanical Consultants, Sweden WIKSTR? M VVS-KONTROLL AB companies such as international first-class energy-saving design consulting company partners in China. With "international design, consulting" and "contract energy management" two business model dedicated to provide customers with "5 +1" building energy overall solution for customers to save investment costs and operating costs at the same time, improve the comfort of the building , And to provide customers with a stable post-operation and maintenance services, greatly enhance the value of construction projects.